Solutions for Common Summer Plumbing Issues

Summer Plumbing Issues

Summer is often one of the best seasons of the year. Summer trips abound, kids are out of school, routines slow down, and water activities are plentiful. However, the warm months can present challenges for your plumbing systems. Preparation is the best way to handle these potential problems. Below are common summer plumbing issues and how to address them.

1. You come home to a water-damaged, flooded home after a vacation. One of the easiest ways you can prevent plumbing issues in your home is to turn off your water supply before leaving. Water can potentially cause massive damage. Do yourself a favor and make a note on your to-do to turn off the water. There is nothing worse than coming home to a leaky, flooded home or getting a call from a neighbor who notices water coming from your home while you are gone. You also may choose to turn off the hot water system to keep the power bills down while you’re away.

2. More people in your home means more stress on your plumbing system. During the summer, there are more people at home all at once. Kids are home and usually aren’t as cautious with the home’s plumbing as their parents. Watch for common plumbing problems like clogged drains and garbage disposal issues. Remind your family not to put the common culprits down the garbage disposal: Fruit pits, grease, fats, or chicken bones. This extra attention can help you keep minor problems from turning into more significant issues.

3. Outdoor plumbing fixtures can develop rust, cracks, and leaks in the months they are not in use. Early spring is the best time to check your fixtures, but it’s not too late. It would be best if you first looked closely at your sprinkler system. In South Carolina, we rely on sprinklers to keep our lawns green. They can cause a lot of waste if they’ve developed any cracks or leaks during the winter months. You’ll also want to check all outdoor faucets for cracks and leaks and your gutters for back-ups.

4. Digging in the yard can cause a watering system, gas, or sewer line disturbance due to summer planting. Early summer is an ordinary time for gardening so whether you’re planting tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, or a herb garden, you must pay attention to where you are digging. Your sprinkler, gas, and sewer lines are often in your yard. Know where they are before you dig, and make sure you’re not about to cut into any pipes with your shovel.

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