Leaving for Vacation?

Water pressure

When you and your family finally go on that vacation you have saved an entire year for, the last thing you want to come home to is a flooded house due to something preventable. Whether you live in a newer or older home, the same precautions apply. Changes in your water pressure while you are away can cause a pressure spike, leading to leaks that would not have happened under normal circumstances. Did you know that washing machine hoses are the #1 cause for home floods in the United States?

Know Your Water Pressure

As many new homes are being built in the Charleston SC area, the municipalities are having to increase water pressure, so it is a good idea to know the normal water pressure of your home. You can test water pressure using a gauge that is easily purchased at most local home improvement stores at low cost.

When you go to test your water pressure, the pressure should be no more than 70 psi. Keep in mind, a pressure spike can occur in the middle of the night, even when many people in the area are not using water. A water pressure reducing valve can be installed to maintain the water pressure up to 70 psi.

Extended Vacation Preparations

If you are going on an extended vacation, it is always best to turn off your water using the emergency shut-off valve and drain off any remaining pressure from the system. If you find an inoperable emergency shut-off valve, you will want to call a professional plumbing company to install a new valve.

You should also turn off electricity or gas to your home’s water heater to ensure no problems occur with the unit while you are away. This prevents back siphon and burning up of the elements in an electric water heater.

Preparing your home for vacation and recharging the system upon your arrival back home is a service that is offered by Plumb Pro. We also have a Lifetime Protection Plan in which you receive 2 free visits a year to inspect your plumbing and flush your water heater among other discounts. Call us to set up a visit to your home today.

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