Shut-Off Water To Your Home For Emergencies

Learn Where To Find Your Emergency Shut-Off ValveWith most city water authorities now installing locks on water meter valve boxes, it is important to know where your emergency water shut-off valve is located should your home experience a leak.


  1. On homes built within the last 10 years with an attached garage, you can typically locate your shut-off valve inside the garage along the wall. On homes older than 10 years, if you locate the water spigot in the front yard and dig in the ground beneath it, you can locate a ground valve box with the valve inside. It is possible that the valve will be located in a different location, but these are the first places a professional plumber will look. This is something a typical homeowner could locate on their own.
  2. After locating the valve, check for proper functionality by operating the handle and turning it off.
  3. Go to your nearest outdoor hose spigot and verify that the water is completely shut down.
  4. If the handle is broken, it is best to contact a professional plumber to replace it and make any other needed repairs. Do not attempt to operate with pliers or other tools, as you could cause more damage.
  5. Once the valve has been located, be sure that it will be accessible in the future by having a valve box that is above ground and landscaping does not cover it up. It is a good idea to check all the valves at individual fixtures such as sinks, toilets, etc…