Plumb Pro® Lifetime Protection Plan

Lifetime Protection Plan

Plumb Pro® Lifetime Protection Plan gives you an understanding on how your plumbing system works and what may need to be repaired before it causes any major damage!

Includes These Money Saving Features:

  • $25 savings coupon each year to use on any service.
  • Savings of 15% on ALL plumbing services.
  • Priority scheduling for any plumbing needs, 24/7/365. You will never receive any overtime or trip charges.

Our Lifetime Protection Plan can be purchased for a one-time fee of $350.

Features & Benefits of the Plumb Pro® Lifetime Protection Plan

Perform a FREE initial home plumbing check up to find any potential problems and document it. After our initial inspection, your plumbing system will be inspected EVERY SIX MONTHS. Majority of homeowners are unaware of their plumbing systems until an emergency occurs. Our Protection Plan will help you understand how your system works and what needs to be repaired.
All in-home faucet aerators/filters will be cleaned EVERY SIX MONTHS. (Specifically the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room) Cleaning all available faucet screens will prevent the accumulation of deposits and solids that restrict the natural flow.
Inspect and flush your water heater EVERY SIX MONTHS and tankless water heater YEARLY for leaks, exterior corrosion build up, proper venting, and correct water temperature and pressure. (a $200 value)
  1. For GAS water heaters, we will ensure your pilot light ignites properly.
  2. For ELECTRIC water heaters, we will inspect your heating elements.
Keeping your water heater maintained will ensure that it has a long useful life delivering hot water when needed, in addition, saving you a significant amount of money.
Inspect EVERY SIX MONTHS your washing machine water inlet hoses to detect leaks, evaluate their condition, and determine a solution to protect your pipes if your high efficiency washer rattles your pipes. The washing machine rubber water line hoses wear out over time and leak, causing significant water damage. We will show you how to replace your rubber hoses with a braided stainless steel version.
Review your city water meter readings EVERY SIX MONTHS to identify any unseen leaks that could substantially raise your water bill or cause damage to your foundation. Our technicians will show you where your water meter is located and how to interpret the readings. Small leaks in water pipers contained in your concrete slab or basement floor go undetected until a huge water bill arrives or water appears on your floor.
Inspect and label your home’s sewer system access. A sewage line that is clean and healthy can reduce sewage backups that cause damage to your home.
Inspect exterior water faucets for leaks. Homeowners tend to forget the abuse mother nature puts on their outside faucets. Over time, exterior faucets can leak causing an increase in the water bill or foundation damage.
Up front, flat rate pricing provided for all services! Plumb Pro® Lifetime Protect Plan members will receive flat rate pricing for all of our services BEFORE and work is done!

Plumb Pro® exclusive Lifetime Protection Plan members coupons are not available to the general public, via email.

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