Why You Need a Water Well Pump

Leak Detection and Repair

Your home or business requires a well pump, whether you’re in the heart of the city or a few miles outside of town. The water you rely on every day needs a way to get into your house, regardless of whether that happens via a supply line or your own well. When you turn on the faucet, you expect to see water. That’s where the well pump comes into play.

Well pumps use a motor to transport water to your home. There are two different types of pumps: jet and submersible. When you are looking to repair or replace your unit, the first thing you’ll need to determine is which type of well pump you’ll need.

Well Pump Options: Jet or Submersible

If you’ve been researching well pumps online you might have noticed that there’s two common types of pumps – the jet and the submersible pump. What’s the difference between these two options?

Jet pump – The jet pump is primarily used when the water table is high. Because the water is already so close to the surface, it can be collected much more easily. A jet pump is powered by an electric motor, which helps it to suction water up out of the earth. If your water table is more than 25 feet deep, a jet pump can still be used, it would just need to be configured for a deep-well system.

Submersible pump – If your water table is much lower, suction simply won’t do the trick. A submersible pump is located right inside the well rather than above it. The motor in this style pump drives water up the pipes and into the plumbing system of the home. Submersible pumps are generally more efficient than jet pumps, and last quite a long time. However, any repairs will need to be done by a professional plumber since it requires pulling the pump from the well casing.

How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Well Pump

There are several signs that your well pump needs repair, some more noticeable than others. Perhaps the most obvious indicator is a total absence of water when you turn on the faucet. Though this can be traced to other issues, a faulty well pump is certainly something that should be considered. Similarly, a weak water flow, dirty water, or a sputtering of air when you turn on the water can also be warning signs that your well pump is on its way out.

In some cases, you won’t notice a change in your water pressure at all. Instead, you may detect strange noises coming from your water tank, or you may hear that your pump runs nonstop. Perhaps you don’t realize there’s a problem until you receive an unexpectedly high utility bill. That is a wake-up call no one wants to receive!

Work with Professional Plumbers at Plumb Pro®

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Be sure to ask about our Lifetime Protection Plan. If you’re a business owner, our service agreements will cover the regular plumbing and maintenance that your business requires for a fair price. You can just set it and forget it!

Whether it’s your well pump, or something else, you can count on the team at Plumb Pro® for expert residential and commercial plumbing service in Charleston and the surrounding areas. Contact us or give us a call to schedule your appointment! You can reach us at 843-940-PROS(7767).

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